Friday, September 3, 2010

Ranao Halal Food

18-A Annapolis Carpark 2
(Between KFC and Yoshinoya)
Greenhills, San Juan City
0915 - 247 1667

Open: 10.30am -9pm (Daily)
10.30am - 4.15am (Ramadan Only)

Price Range: P

Another Muslim tribe from Southern Philippines is the Maranao, who are also known for their unique cooking style of halal cuisine, using flavors such a coconut, tumeric, and lemon grass in their cooking.

If you want to try Maranao style cooking then head on down to Ranao Halal Restaurant in Greenhills. A family run business, that serves up delicious meals in a canteen style turo-turo (point at what you want) restaurant that caters to the large number of Maranao traders in the area.

An array of tasty dishes are available such as various chicken or beef curries, fish dishes, grilled chicken and various fruits such as jackfruit (langka) or bamboo marinated in coconut milk. The combination of the mild coconut with the spicy curry is just delectable.

During Ramadan, special tables are set up selling pancit, lumpia, meat filled samosas, rice and other sweet treats much to the delight of Muslim traders and visitors. We just happened to visit half an hour before iftar and were fortunate enough to meet the owner Abdulghuffar Macabanlog, who gave verbal assurance that all meat used is halal. In fact, they have advertisments selling halal meat.

Hungry Muslims patrons buying last minute snacks before iftar

Prices are really cheap and a good way to be initated to Maranao cuisine. A single serving of rice costs P15 and curries range from P50-P60. During Ramadan, the opening hours are extended to 4.15am to, serving suhoor to devout worshippers in the prayer hall next door.

You must definitely give this a try. To get there, exit the Virra-Mall (V-Mall) and cross the road. Look for the corridor between KFC (on the right) and Yoshinoya (one the left), and follow the corridor which will lead you towards this restaurant and Muslim Prayer Hall.
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