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Dulang Restaurant

DULANG RESTAURANT: For a tasty Halal Cuisine
1313 M. Adriatico St. cor Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila 

(see map and directions below)
9AM-9PM, Every day except Holidays

Halal foods dulang  manila
Look for this sign board.
(All photos are from, with permissions)

Landline: (02) 666-6549
Mobile: 0926-447-8492
Facebook page: Dulang Restaurant and Catering

Catering: Yes.
Delivery: Yes. Only to certain areas in Manila.
Meat Source: Delivered from a meat shop owned by a Muslim Business man who also does the Zahiba (slaughtering).
Halal Certificate: unmentioned (to be updated by author of this post)
Alcohol: No.

Dulang” refers to the set of foods served to guests during traditional celebrations in the islands of Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Zamboanga Peninsula. Dulang can also mean the golden or silver tray with intricate designs where those foods are served.

Dulang Restaurant started as a catering service in Zamboanga City and now became a Halal restaurant owned by a Muslim family. Their first and main establishment is in Zamboanga City and the Manila Branch in Ermita was officially established in 2013. They serve delicious Tausūg and Malaysian foods at an affordable price. They offer discounted “Budget Meals” which include a cup of rice, one meat viand (choose from chicken or beef) and a vegetable side dish with free soup. The Tiyula’ Itum (black soup), the trademark recipe of the Tausūgs, is their specialty. They also serve by-order Mi-Goreng and other noodles from Malaysia. Their Tausūg Kahawa (native coffee) is also a favourite by most costumers partnering it with hot and tasty Tausūg delicacies like wadjit, apam, tabid-tabid, durul, patulakan, or putli’ mandi.

The place has a welcoming ambiance with chatty servers. People who came from or at least have visited the ZamBaSulTa area would certainly feel at home as most costumers will be speaking in their local dialects.

Dulang is also a few blocks away from Robinsons Manila, Philippine General Hospital and various Travel Agencies in Ermita. A few walk to spend a relaxing afternoon after an exhausting day at work. The only downside with Dulang is their small area, no accessible comfort room and limited parking nearby.

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Great for: Casual Meetings (small number), Family gathering, coffee breaks.
Not good for: Studying, the place is noisy with a lot of people coming in and out.
Air-conditioned: Yes.
Music: None.

Price List
Snacks etc
Price (Php)
Bang-Bang Súg (Tausug Pastries and snacks:- Putli’ mandi, Wadjit, Pitis, etc.
Pastil (sayul batung)
Kahawa Sug(Native Coffee)
Siopao (Chicken)
Siopao (munggo)
Mi goreng
45.00 per serve
Mi goreng (short order, good for 4 persons)
Budget meals
= 1 cup rice, 1 veggie side dish, 1 meat viand except fish with free tiyula’ itumsoup
Tiyula’ itum for those who don’t know, is the specialty and pride of all Tausugs
(this is my daily menu)
30.00 per serve
40.00 per serve
60.00-100.00 (varies depends on what viand)

Nearest place to:
Robinsons Manila Ermita
Philippine General Hospital (PGH)
Philippine Airlines Center
Citystate Tower

Directions to Dulang:
Robinsons Manila--Padre Fuara Side
Dads Saisake Kamayan (Padre Faura) 
and 7-Eleven Padre Faura cor Adriatico)

1. Ride any Jeepney to Mabini, get down at Del Pilar St. (East West Bank), walk along Padre Fuara St. towards Robinsons Manila until you reach 7-Eleven (P.Faura cor Adriatico). Turn right, the next store after 7-eleven is Dulang Restaurant.

2. Ride Jeepney to Sta. Ana/Padre Faura and get down at Dads Saisake Kamayan. Cross towards the side where 7-Eleven (P.Faura cor Adri). Beside 7-Eleven along Adriatico St. is Dulang Restaurant. 

3. If you have been to the Musallah/Masjid in Mabini (beside Duck Inn). It is right in front of that Musallah.

4.  From Robinsons Manila/PGH: Exit at Padre Faura wing then walk along P.Faura towards left (Roxas Boulevard) about 2-3 blocks until you reach 7-Eleven (P.Faura cor Adri). Beside 7-Eleven along Adriatico St. is Dulang Restaurant. 

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