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Gayyah’s Pagkaunan Halal Restaurant

A taste of Malay, Indo, Pakistani Cuisine

Padre Faura St. cor. M.H. Del Pilar St., Ermita, Manila 
(see map and directions below)
6AM to 12MN, Every day

Gayyah Halal Food Manila Mabini

Landline: (02) 521-4667
Mobile: None
Facebook page: [Link]

Catering: Yes.
Delivery: Yes. Only to certain areas in Manila.
Meat Source: They have their own Meat shop owned by a Muslim family. Slaughters done by Muslims.
Halal Certificate: unmentioned (to be updated by author of this post)
Alcohol: None.


Gayyah’s Halal Restaurant started as a Meat shop in Del Pilar St. Malate, Manila up until May 2014 when they opened the Halal Restaurant. It is owned by a Muslim family who are now stationed in Manila.

They serve Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Pakistani and Tausūg foods. They open as early as 6AM serving mostly Satti for P65 (Beef) or P75 (Chicken). They have a variety of delicious foods which can be bought as separate dishes or by “value meals” with ranges from P65 to P75, with free soup and a cup of juice. Their Satti and Biryani (P120) are two of the favourite and best-selling dishes ordered by the costumers. They also serve Tomyang, Nasi Ayam, Mee Padas, Mee Goring and Martabaks (Beef/Chicken) among others. Their foods are really deliciously prepared. They also serve hot teas, coffees (native or instant), and some sweets like pali’ kambing, patulakan and apam.

The servers are also courteous and would insist that they take your orders and bring them to your table themselves. The place has a spacey and well-maintained area with comfortable tables that can be arranged when in need of more space (for bigger groups). They also have a television where one can watch and spend time. The place is air-conditioned most of the time. Aside from the TV and the people chatting, the noises are pretty tolerable.

Halal Manila foods
Very spacious space with TV. Opens as early as 6AM.

Halal food meats manila
They have their own meat shop as well

TheValue meals: 1 cup of rice, 1 meat viand, 1 vegetable viand and free juice

Chicken barbeques for Satti.

Satti Malaysian Halal Manila Foods
Their all-time favorite Satti: Malaysian food

Tausug Specialty: Tiyula' Itum (Black soup)

Great for: Casual Meetings (small and big number), Family gathering, coffee breaks, maybe studying.
Not good for: Studying, when there are already too many people inside.
Air-conditioned: Yes.
Music: None.

Price Range:
(prices subject to change without prior notice)
Value Meal (chicken)
Value Meal (beef)
Satti (chicken)
Satti (beef)
Viands (any, depends)
Fried Rice
Mi-Goring with Egg
Hot tea
Native Coffee
P10 each
Special Dishes
Ø  Biryani
Ø  Tom Yang, etc
Starts from P120 above

Nearest place to:

Mabini Masjid/Musallah
Robinsons Manila Ermita (4 blocks)
Philippine General Hospital (PGH) (5 blocks)
Citystate Tower
Cityland Bocobo

Directions to Gayyah’s:
(landmark: Pizza Hut MH Del Pilar)

1. Ride any Jeepney to Mabini, get down at Pizza Hut (Del Pilar), Gayyah is right beside Pizza Hut.

2. Ride Jeepney to Sta. Ana and get down at Del Pilar St. (East West Bank, P.Faura) then turn right and walk towards where Pizza Hut can be seen. Gayyah is right beside Pizza Hut.

3. If you have been to the Musallah/Masjid in Mabini (beside Duck Inn). It is right in front of that Musallah.

4.  From Robinsons Manila/PGH: Exit at Padre Faura wing then walk towards left (Roxas Boulevard) about 4-5 blocks until you reach Del Pilar St. (you will see 7-Eleven AND East West Bank). Turn right and walk until you see Gayyah’s green sign board. (Again, beside Pizza Hut). It would take about 10 minute normal walk.

What other people say:

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    1. haha thanks indah Kai. Lahat na lang eh no?
      Been wanting to do this for years, ngayon lang nabigyan ng chance. Hey, if you know any other Halal place, PM me ^_^ and pa review sa ibang Halal place ike DULANG. just click the logo above.. thsnks!


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