Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Halal Food Promotion

I was contacted a while back by Interaksyon web edition.

They wanted to write an article about Halal Restaurants and meaning of Halal food for the muslims.

I gave them some input and here is the article for those who would like to read.


It is good to see that Halal Food awareness has some focus and hopefully more Halal places will pop up as we can see that there are more Muslim consumers in Manila these days, and local muslims are getting more aware of the importance of eating Halal, inshaAllah.

They are referring to some Halal places in this article, these are not adviced by me.
However some of them are Halal inshaAllah, but I have not been in contact with all of them.

Allahu Aleem.


PAMANGANAN - Restaurant is a Malaysian inspired halal restaurant

As-Salaamalaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh
Try this Halal place in Manila, Quipao.  
They have Malaysian inspired food and good prices, located in a Muslim environment.
Check out their Facebook page inshaAllah, lots of nice information about their restaurant, and more pictures as well.
I still have not had the pleasure of visiting this place yet, but from what I can see it seems to be nice and Halal inshaAllah.
Hope you all will have the opportunity to check it out and try their food inshaAllah.


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