Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bijan Specialty Foodshop

GF, RSG-5 Lifestyle Center
Greenhills, San Juan City
(02) 723 – 4264 / 3604
Cell: 0922 – 844 – 4423

This gem of a store has everything you need if you are planning on cooking up a tasty Persian storm! Sells everything from dried fruits, nuts and seed, pickled vegetable (torshi), traditional Iranian spices, olives, foul, saffron, Lavash bread even traditional Persian sweets.

There is a freezer section for halal chicken, beef, and lamb which is of very good quality and clean. There are different cuts of meat and poultry- beef cubes, ground beef/lamb, lamb ribs/leg of lamb, whole chicken, breast/drumsticks and chicken sausages. Prices start at P150 per kilo.

Be careful not to miss this treasure-trove- its easy to miss! Its nestled between Chowking and Kenny Rogers in the Lifestyle Center.

For map of Greenhills click here :http://www.greenhills.com.ph/mallmap.asp


  1. Assalamo alikom? may i asked who slaughtered the meat? Is it the right way as mention in the Qur'an?

  2. walaykum salaam, sorry for taking so long to answer. As far as we know this is halal, it comes from a private slaughter place, muslim man. We have not seen them slaughter the meat, but by talking with them and getting their confirmation we feel this is halal, according to Quran inshaAllah. However we can never be sure of anything, only Allaah knows for sure. But brother to brother and sister to sister in Islam we need to sometimes take their word, unless there is reason for not believing them.

  3. May I in, in your late discussion about how they perform the slaughter of the animal? to be sure it is in accordance with Shariah Law the slaughter or abattoir must be licensed first before they can perform as such, it must be supervised by a licensed slaughter man pls refer to Philippine National Standard for Halal Agriculture and fishery product and Code of Practice for slaughtering procedures of large ruminants and Poultry, Department of Agriculture.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I don't know how they slaughter the meat. Only have information from the people at the shop who said the above mentioned about the frozen meat they sell. I am going to Manila soon, and I might just drop by there and double check with them, even see some certificates on the matter. And I will inform them of what has been mentioned by Halal Food and Nutrition Council Philippines.

      Thank you :)

      Halal Manila!

  4. how much is ground lamb?

  5. Hi, Sorry we dont have list of prices from Bijan store. Please try calling them to get prices inshaAllah.

    1. who owns the bijan specialty shop? is the owner same as the owner of bizhan D persian express
      shawarma in muntinlupa? because I wanted to order some items..I want to know if the owner is the same guy i know..

    2. Hi, Sorry for the late response.

      Unfortunately i dont know if its same owner as Bizhan in Muntinlupa. I have not been there, and was not aware they have a shop there as well.

      If ever i have the chance i will look into that, and inform you.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Regards, HalalManila


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