Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maharlika Halal Meat Market

The Blue Mosque - Worth a visit!

Here you can find muslim butchers and get fresh slaughtered meat, mostly beef, goat and chicken. On occasions you can get lamb/sheep.The market area is very near to the Blue Mosque. The prices here are more reasonable then in the city, and you will get fresh meat and whatever cut you like, also minced/ground is available.

How to get to Maharlika

Taxi: Tell the driver your going to the main street in Maharlika Village (muslim village), near to The Blue Mosque. When you drop off ask or look around for butcher shops, there are many there so feel free to ask around what they have available and what the prices are.

Jeepney: Depending on where in Manila you will go from, ask someone who is familiar with your area and if they know how to go to Maharlika. Otherwise please send me an email and tell me where you are located and I could give you more detailed description on how you can travel there the best way.

Note: From Maharlika you can try and find a taxi, but it might be difficult. If you are not lucky in getting a taxi, you can take a tri-cycle from the main street, and tell them to bring you to the jeepney terminal. From there you can take a jeepney to wherever is best for you, they go to all parts of Manila.


  1. Al-Taza Halal Meatshop is now open in Maharlika Village Taguig City Near to Al-Ikhwa Mosque. This is a decent halal meatshop. You may like them in facebook https://www.facebook.com/AlTazaHalal

    1. jazakaAllah khair for this comment. always good to get more of these inshaAllah.

      Fee Amaan Allaah, halalmanila

    2. Al-Taza Halal is an IDCP of Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines as Halal Meat Shop. You make place an order at marketing@altazahalal.com

  2. How to get to the nearest masjid in makati, and also for halal food. I will stay at St. Giles Hotel Manila
    Makati Ave. Cnr. Kalayaan Ave.
    1210 Makati City


    1. Salaam,

      For Jumaah prayers, you may go to the Indonesian or Saudi Arabian embassies.

  3. Salaamalaikum, you can check out our Facebook page in regards masjids. https://www.facebook.com/halal.manila.philippines?ref=hl

  4. Another way to go to Mararlika village is to find a way to get to Sunshine Mall in FTI. At the right side of the mall is a drop off point for tricycles. Hail a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to Maharlika village. The fare is just P10.00. The last time I was there, it only took me 5 minutes to get from the mall to the village market.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!


    -roasted halal chicken
    -halal fresh chicken
    -halal beef
    -halal chicken tocino
    -halal chicken nuggets
    -halal burger patties
    -halal siomai
    etc..... EAT HALALICIOUS

    Contact us: 09178089867 ; 02-6240766 look Brother Saayedy
    emai add: biofoodhalalproducts@yahoo.com.ph


  6. assalamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu we live in san mateo rizal how we will travel from our house to maharlika meat shop to buy halal meat and chicken and other halal products please please reply us as soon as possible.

    1. just drop to Quiapo Manila and from there, you will find FX or Van going directly to Maharlika Village. From maharlika Village, you will find the Al-Taza Halal Meatshop in front of Al-Ikhwa Mosque. Or you may call 551-4911 before you go there.

  7. mag-inquire po ako sa halal chicken nyo.kung nagdeliver po kayo dito sa boracay aklan,magkano po ang halal chicken then,magkano po ang 100 kilos,kasi po gusto namin mgsimula ng magtinda ng chicken,.paki kontact po ako dito sa number na ito 09462140091.kylangan po namin ang sagot nyo urgent! IN$AALLAH at ngsupply din po kayo ng deep frezer..steerer65@gmail.com 0917 328 45 54 09293 20 70 15

  8. In Asian countries they specially pay attention for selling meats to Muslim consumers now they knew well Muslims are only preferring halal foods that's the reason they arrange quality products to Muslim consumer which sale widely on daily basis also Non Muslims buy these products, all of these passes through after strict halal inspection process have a (Halal) bench mark on them which halal audit team notice it, so consumers aware what they're actually purchasing.


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